Children's Ergonomic Pillow

Children's Ergonomic Pillow

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We all want our child's growing spines to develop with the correct support, and this pillow will help achieve this!

After I saw how unsupportive the current range of children's pillows was (polyester-filled flat pillows), I invested in these pillows for both my growing children.

As soon as your child is ready for a pillow, this one can be used until they are about 8 years old.  My 4 year old uses this and loves it.  They are not ideal for tummy sleepers, however, but great for side and back sleepers.

This NexGen therapeutic pillow offers generous porosity and an enhanced air flow system that ensures the memory foam stays dry, fresh and is able to breathe! This maximises hygiene, ease, transfers heat away from the head and neck for superior comfort, and is great for growing bodies.

The 8 reasons to choose the NexGen Children’s pillow include:

  • Temperature regulation

  • Moisture wicking to maintain dryness

  • Double contour for twice the comfort

  • Hypoallergenic, naturally anti-dust-mite and toxin-free

  • Dual Protection System – no exposed foam which ensures longevity

  • Three-year limited warranty on foam

  • Australian made and owned

  • All materials and packaging are sustainable and plastic-free.

Dimensions (cm):
50 x 30 x 10/7

Inner foam: NexGen memory foam, infused with Australian graphite

Outer cover: Eco-luxe TENCEL

Zip: Made from 100% recyclable materials

Care instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
Foam: Spot clean with damp cloth only