Work pain-free with affordable ergonomic office solutions - before that ache gets worse.

Has setting up an ergonomic office been the last thing on your mind? 

You are not alone. Ergonomic keyboards and proper lumbar support are not what we think of when setting up a home office space.  We are thinking of working hard, supporting our families, and thriving against the odds. But now, things are quite literally getting painful. 

Your back is stiff. Your neck is becoming a pain. Your wrists and fingers are sore. Sound familiar? 

Small tweaks and changes to your setup can make a huge difference to this pain. Jump on a call now, for free, so I can help tailor your workstation equipment needs.

“I don’t have an injury yet. I don’t think my pain is that bad.“

Damaging posture accumulates over time. You might think it is just a twinge or niggling pain at the moment, but left unaddressed, it can develop into an injury.  If you are positioned poorly or your workstation is slowly causing damage, how long are you contributing to that damage every year? There are 52 weeks in a year. The average workweek is 42 hours per week. Think of how much time that's causing strain, and how easily we can correct it to keep you healthy. 

Let the tax man pay: Setting up your safe workplace does not have to come out of your pocket! My equipment and sessions are 100% tax-deductible, making your tailored home health and safety a no brainer.  Book your free call now. If I can’t help you, you don’t pay!

 Let me help you stay well. Let’s set you up in your own perfect workspace.