Do I need a referral to use your service?

No, you don’t! It’s simple and easy to organise an assessment. Just email Ally: admin@yourperfectposture.com.au.

What’s included in Your Perfect Posture’s tailored Ergonomics Service?

  • A FREE 20-minute discovery/ check-in call

During your check-in call, you can tell me exactly what your home office setup is, what kind of concerns and pain you’re feeling and what you’d like to achieve to feel better moving forward. 

  • Book in and test your photography skills 

I will send you your very own booking link to lock in a time that suits you for our 45-minute assessment. Prior to our appointment, make sure you send two clear photos of your home office setup and complete my discomfort survey. 

One photo from side-on, sitting at your desk. Place your hands on the keyboard as if working. 

One photo from above overlooking your keyboard and mouse, with hand position clearly visible. This can be done with a timer on your phone or the use of a helpful partner, friend or older child. 

  • Your injury preventing 45-minute consultation

I will give you clear feedback, advice, and actionable steps to alter your workstation, posture, and positioning of all items for optimal ergonomic support. 

It could mean recommending products for your budget that may help. Whatever the case, I will be able to tell you where the problem is coming from and how to reduce your risk, greatly. 

Specific injuries and pain you’re dealing with can also be addressed, as I show you how to work around them, safely. I provide you with advice on posture, stretching, and prevention to keep things from agitating further. This means reducing further pain and risk of injury. 

* Detailed reporting for clear next steps.

Finally, you receive an actionable report from me, detailing what we have discussed, the recommendations I’ve made and documentation to take to your workplace, GP, or specialist. 


How much is the consultation?  

I’d like you to consider the costs of cure over prevention for a moment: 

Once you leave things too long, what will you end up paying for:

  • Time off work: 80k-150k per year

  • Doctors fees: $80 per appointment at a minimum

  • Physio appointments: $100 per appointment at a minimum

  • Physio equipment: $50-$3000 per item

  • Travel costs: to and from appointments, GPs, and hospitals

Injuries stack up quickly. More than $100,000 can be lost every year you spend in rehabilitation. 

The cost of a quick, easy consultation to prevent it all from happening is just $125 if you don’t have an injury and $175 if you have a specific injury.  All completely tax-deductible. 

Is that niggling pain telling you what you need to know? 

Email me now admin@yourperfectposture.com.au to discuss your quick, easy solution: 

You have provided me with information about equipment for my home set-up but I’m still unsure…

No problem! Just let me know and I can organise a check-in with you. You can take a photo of your setup once you have the equipment. I’m always here and willing to help, even when the assessment has been completed!


How do I pay for your services?

Paypal, Stripe or Direct Debit.