About Ally


I’m Ally and I’m a Physiotherapist with a passion for preventing injuries and pain associated with device use. I have 17 years experience in occupational rehabilitation and ergonomics and I love teaching women ways to reduce their risk of injury.

I’m also a mum of two young busy boys, and I’m seeing the long term effects that device use is having on our children’s growing spines. I started this business when the pandemic hit, with the aim to bridge the knowledge gap of makeshift DIY home set-ups and the knock on affects. There was and still is a massive knowledge gap for people who are working from home and how to set themselves up to prevent pain and an injury.

My mission is to empower women with the knowledge to make better health choices for the whole family to improve their posture and their home setup which in turn prevent an injury or pain.

Are you still working with your laptop just on the desk?!  Simple ways to eliminate pain associated with laptop use is to use a laptop stand (that actually goes up to a suitable height) and an external keyboard and mouse.  This automatically opens up your chest and shoulders and promotes better posture overall.  I provide affordable and quick ergonomic solutions for the whole family, that is tailored to your individual needs.

What about preventing an upper limb or wrist injury injury such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel? A vertical mouse can help you in this instance.

Poor ergonomics and poor postures ends in time away from your work and family, and long-term rehab troubles.  It affects families, relationships, hopes, dreams, and the security of a healthy financial future. 

You and your family need to be set up for success!  Preventable injuries can greatly impact your life.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The solution is often quick and easy when tackled before it’s too late. 

Book in your FREE consult now to address your niggling pain, before it becomes something you wish you had done.  I offer easy and affordable ergonomic solutions and equipment for the majority of injuries associated with device use. 

It may seem insignificant now, but small twinges and slight soreness in your neck, back, wrists and digits can mean the beginnings of a personal disaster!

Throughout my time working with injured patients on worker’s compensation, I noticed an undeniable pattern: Most of their injuries were preventable! For 17 years, I have helped people who had already lost to an injury. The road back for them was long, painful, and full of personal struggle. It was hard to watch good people make their way back from the worst. It was difficult to watch how injuries impact:

  • Confidence 

  • Relationships and marriages

  • Financial security

  • Ability and lifestyle

  • Mental health

I knew something had to be done for people, sooner.  Something more than a tick-n-flick sheet of paper that gives them the green light to work towards an injury.  Something more individualised and tailored to their exact workstation.  That was when I decided to create my consulting service. For tailored, YOU specific adjustments.

When you make these small, easy adjustments, a weight (and pain) is lifted off their shoulders! Once you’re set-up with an ergonomic workstation, you can work with: 

  • Confidence

  • Comfort

  • Sustainability 

  • Satisfaction

Knowing you are preventing the pain, injury, and personal disaster I have seen so many workers experience. So let me ask you, again: can you afford to be out of work? Do you want to keep on working, in pain, leaving this all down to chance? Or would you prefer to make the call, now, to find out how easy and affordable your pain-free future can be?

Let’s talk now and set you up for long-term, healthy success!