Sore neck? It might be time to upgrade your pillow

If you’ve been finding you’ve got a sore neck lately, you’re not alone.

A side-effect of Covid-19 restrictions is the number of people reporting problems associated with ‘tech neck’, an uncomfortable phenomena caused by excessive technology consumption and poor posture when working from home.

People are working all around the home with their laptop and phone; children are remote learning on numerous kinds of devices and attending zoom meetings like never before.  Unfortunately, there are no work health and safety guidelines in place to overcome the hazardous nature of lengthy device use when working and learning from home.

What people don’t really understand is that you spend 7-9 hours in bed sleeping, so if your spine isn’t supported on a good pillow that enhances the natural shape of the neck, then you’re actually doing damage all night.  If you are working on a device all day, then you really want your and your family's spines to be supported during sleep time.

The pandemic has also seen an increase in demand and appreciation for local Aussie made products which posture form products certainly are. I stock ergonomic adult and children sized  pillows, as well as peanut pillows which can be used as a portable lumbar support.

Getting a good night's sleep is so important for growing bodies and brains and for longevity! Check out the range of pillows in the product gallery here.