Safety at home

With more of us working from home these days, I'm wondering how SAFE you feel and if you and your employer have discussed safety issues?

Could you put a fire out if your stove caught fire?

Can someone easily break into your home and steal your belongings?

Would you be able to administer first aid if you cut yourself on a knife while making a sandwich?

Here are some useful safety tips:
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher or fire blanket and make sure you know how to use it.
  • Purchase a First Aid Kit (Type C recommended) and keep it handy.
  • Check your smoke alarms have batteries (that aren't flat!)
  • Lock your door at all times during the day, and have a login system so that work knows when you are logged on and off.
  • Make sure you and your children know the emergency number for fire, ambulance, police.
  • Check your power boards and make sure they are not overloaded.

If you need any more information, I'd be happy to help.